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Personalised Browband


Add a personal touch to your horse's attire with our Personalised Browband. With the option to customize, your horse will stand out in the ring with a one-of-a-kind browband. Enhance your horse's look and show off their unique style.

This beautiful & elegant browband is truly special and remarkable. Made using high-quality velvet ribbon and crystal letters we can provide you with a truly unique browband. 

These can make a perfect gift or just a perfect browband for your horse, something special that will be uniquely theirs forever. Personalise and customise your special browband with your horse's name today!

View our full range of personalised browbands for the perfect design

  • Personal
  • Unique
  • Stunning

Please Note: Due to how many letters can fit on a browband we do have to limit the characters to a total of 10 digits. 

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