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Clipping Information

Please review this information prior to your horses clipping appointment to ensure the clipping session goes smoothly for you and your horse.

    Providing your Horse with our Clipping Services

1. Please provide your horse with a bath prior to their appointment. A bath is essential for a clean even clip because not only will dirt dull our blades it will cause track lines and uneven patches in your horses coat. 

     If you would like us to do your horses bath prior to their clip please let us know at time of booking. (The cost of a bath is $65 per horse). Your horses bath will be done on a separate appointment either the day before their clip or earlier in the day.

2. Ensure your horse is completely dry before your appointment time as we can not clip your horse if they are wet or damp. 

3. We understand that sometimes weather can be a roadblock in getting your horse bathed. If due to bad weather your unable to bath your horse it is important that they have been thoroughly brushed and all mud and dirt has been removed from their coat right down to the skin. Alternatively we are able to offer a warm water bath with our portable bathing system.

If we are clipping an excessively dirty horse we charge $40 to cover the cost of our blades to be sharpened.

If we can't clip your horse at the time of their appointment because they have not been thoroughly cleaned you WILL still be charged for travel and time. 

If your horse requires sedation you are responsible for supplying and administering sedation or arranging for your vet to provide sedation at time of their clip. If during the clip your horse becomes dangerous and unsafe for us to continue clipping you will be charged according to how much of the clip we have done before they became dangerous (along with travel costs). We will not work with a horse that is acting dangerously as we do our best to ensure the saftey of you, your horse and us. 


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