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Rope Halter


Made of durable rope, our rope halters stand above the rest providing precise communication and encouraging trust between you and your horse. Revolutionize your horsemanship and build a strong, positive partnership with our high-quality rope halters. Tied from a strong and reliable 12mm rope, this rope halter gives your horse just the right fit for optimum comfort and performance. 

  • Add one of our lead ropes for the perfect set
  • Wide variety of colours to best suit your horse
  • Quality that will outlast any other
  • Other rope thicknesses from 6mm - 16mm are available upon request (some colours may not be available in varied thicknesses, contact us to discuss our needs)


Please Note: Please ensure your lead rope is connected to both loops of the halter as when hand-made rope halters are new there may be slight movement in the rope until the rope has settled in place. Ensuring your lead rope is connected to both clips it will ensure your halter settles fast and avoids the knot becoming loose. 

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