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Our clipping service provides quality equine clipping with prices starting from $100. 

    Are you looking for a professional and reliable horse clipping service? Look no further! Our horse clipping service is here to provide top-quality grooming and clipping services for your beloved equine companion.

    At L'Equino Essentials, we understand the importance of maintaining your horse's coat and ensuring their comfort and well-being. Our experienced team of horse grooming experts is dedicated to delivering exceptional results and ensuring your horse looks and feels their best.

    Read more about our clipping servicesand the other services we offer, or contact us if you have any further questions. 

    If you are ready to give your horse their best clip simply book now!

    We accept cash or card payments on the day of appointment. 

    Partial & Custom Clip           Full Clip

    Pony (Under 14.2hh)         $100             $130

    Horse (14.3hh - 16.2hh)    $120             $150

    Draft (16.3hh+)                 $140             $170

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